Monday, October 17, 2011

Shepherd's Cross {Pumpkin Patch}

This past weekend {October15th}, we had a family day at Shepherd's Cross Pumpkin Patch!

Back in April, Sherry my sweet MIL took us to visit this beautiful spot in Claremore. They were having an open house they call Woolly Weekend day on the farm. It was for anyone that wanted to learn about weaving, watch the shearing, and tour the beautiful Bible gardens. We had so much fun enjoying the beautiful, quiet countryside and showing Dylan all the neat animals. While we were on the garden tour, our guide excitedly told us about their fun annual Pumpkin Festival and insisted we come back for a visit. 

Ryan and I gathered all the Grands and Great (Grandparents) and headed back for a visit at the farm. The details were perfect, there were pumpkins as far as the eye could see and hay bales, corn stalks and colorful gourds decorated each gate and door. It didn't feel like fall on the warm breezy day, but the sunshine was bright and cheery and beckoned for us to stay a while.

Dylan had just learned to walk and stayed close in our arms on our last visit to the farm. This time was so much different! From the moment I put him down on the grass he was nonstop, running from pumpkin to pumpkin and investigating every new object he set his sights on. He found "his" pumpkin right away.

We stopped for a visit on the sweet wooden benches. This is where Ryan took one of our favorite pictures of Dylan - the shot we used for his First Birthday invitation! Oh how our little boy has grown so much in just a few short months.

Ryan and I even remembered to take a picture together! These are few and far between, as we always forget to step out from behind the camera and ask for a picture. Happy to have a picture with my hubs. <3

Gree Gree (Great Grandma Rosemary) disappeared all of the sudden, and upon her return came bearing fun for Dylan. His eyes lit up and he started running right for her when he saw the tiny John Deer wheelbarrow - just the perfect size for little hands. He was a bit wobbly, but intent on transporting his pumpkin to a new fun place. Gree Gree was delighted!

There were awesome homemade games all over the field. There was Crab Apple bowling, horseshoes, corncob darts, mini pumpkin search, and even a hay bale maze. Each painted instruction sign had a scripture that matched perfectly with the games. 

Dylan bravely headed straight into the maze all by himself, reappearing quite quickly deciding he had changed his mind. His favorite game was the mini pumpkin search. He weeded through a big pile of hay until he found a little pumpkin surprise.

We walked through the pumpkin patch to the sweet farmhouse and wound through the beautiful courtyard. They call it the prayer garden because each flower has a sign with the name of the plant and the Bible scripture where the plant was named. Dylan loved walking along the pavers, checking out the small silver mole deterrent windmills.

Dylan loved having all of his loving Grandparents there! My Mom said it perfectly - "How fun for him to have all the people that love him the most together for the day!" I quite enjoyed it as well. Ryan and I love to step back and watch him bond with each of them. He is one very loved little kid.

We ended our visit with a trip through the big barn, looking at all the handmade wool gifts, and petting a few sweet creatures in the petting zoo.

We enjoyed ourselves so much! 
While last year's pumpkin adventure will be so memorable because it was Dylan's first, this trip means so much more because it is the beginning of a tradition.

If you live in Oklahoma, be sure to stop by this adorable gem in Claremore
If not, at least check out their website and their Etsy shop!

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GmaSherry said...

It was a lovely outing! Really looking forward to setting a tradition for our family at Shepherd's Cross. Can't wait til the Christmas season starts there and we get to see their live nativity!