Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Fun

Our good friends Dave, Kylie & their daughter Aisley just bought their first home! The three of us went to celebrate their new beginnings at their housewarming party! Dylan loved seeing all his friends ;)

"I'm ready to go Dad!"
My boys
Playing with Aisley's fun toys!
Kevin came to play!
The new homeowners opening some gifts...awesome bag compliments of Jared!
Nate showing little mister some love
Tootsie grabs from the almost newlyweds!
Love from Scott & Devan!
Boys only :)
April & Chris came to town to celebrate Jared & Chris' Birthdays. It was so much fun to get together with everyone!! That Sunday Chris & April (& Baby Bright) came to visit. April is 34 weeks pregnant and looks SO adorable - a perfect round little belly & that beautiful pregnant glow. She is one of those crazy lucky Mommas that grows nowhere but the belly, doesn't have a popped out bellybutton and has NO stretchmarks (sorry April, lots of pregnant women are cursing you right now.) It is so fun to hug her and feel a baby between us. The past few times I have seen her the baby was kicking ever so lightly...not this time! BB was awake & active and I got to feel tons of little bumps. I could feel a foot and the round little tush. Her baby shower is October 9th and that will be the last time she is in town before BB's big debut. I can't believe time has passed so quickly. Can't wait to meet you little one!

Reunited & it feels so goooood!
April & Dylan
April & her pillow pile! She put Mr. Fussypants right to sleep.
The babies asleep together :)
The Bright's + 1
Chloe & Dylan didn't get the memo ;)
Ryan feeling BB kick!
Chris & Dylan
My sweet Great Aunt Polly & Great Uncle Tom sent Dylan a gift! Polly hand knitted the most beautiful blue blanket. It is so soft and cuddly, I love to wrap him up in it. We took it to church a few weeks ago and immediately got a compliment! I just LOVE handmade gifts. Thank you so much Polly!

Matches his baby blues
I love my new blankie!!
Thank you Great Great Aunt Polly

Happy October to all! We are looking forward to all the fun this fall will bring!!

Fun events to look forward to:
Dylan's Baptism
Having Chloe Blessed & the Blessing of the Animals
April's Baby Shower
Going to the Pumpkin Patch
Having a Fall Family Picinic
Dylan's First Halloween
Nate & Sirikit's Wedding
Meeting Baby Bright

So much fun just ahead :) lots of pictures to come...

A Mother's Love

"A mother's love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever."

My little love
Kissing the sweet spot...his squishy little chin! Kisses (slobbers) back for me on the nose!
My babies
Pulling my hair...Motherhood rite of passage :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Day to Remember!

One year ago today Ryan and I learned the most exciting news we could have ever hoped for.
Two blue lines showed up and changed our lives forever!
We had prayed for you Dylan, and that night our prayers were answered!
Our journey had just begun...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!
I love you SO much.

Love, Dylan

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

cha cha cha

Chaaaaanges! Ryan and I have been having fun with Dylan before Dylan even knew he was entertaining. But now the three of us are having a ball and he knows what fun is! Those past posts of "I think I saw a smile" have transitioned into days full of gummy glee and squeals of elation!

Gummy Smiles from our little Sooner
Big mischievous grin :)
He likes his mohawk!
Mmmm fingers

We are movin' and a shakin' these days...daring to venture out into the world with little one. The three of us run errands, visit family, go to church on Sunday, go out to eat, take joyrides - and I am slowly adding more events into the time I have with just Dylan and myself. I load him up in my ErgoBaby and take him and Chloe on a daily walk! We piddle around town, Go see Daddy at work, visit with friends (he is my bridal/baby shower date) & more!

My Date for Sily's Bridal Shower
The mister and I dressed & ready for church!
Cuddling with Mommy before our dinner date!
Kisses for my prince
The usual result of our afternoon walks
My little monkey
His Harry Potter-esque shades courtesy of Dr. August

Lately we have been spending lots of time tummy down! He was so good at tummy time when he was first born - he held up his neck like a pro! But he wasn't a huge fan of it and it would usually always result in tears. He is getting so much better at it now and is slowly learning he can turn his face and lay down when he gets tired. His legs are constantly moving - he wants to crawl so bad! He will be flipping over before we know it.

Reminiscing :)  We've come a long way little one!
Relaxing during Tummy time
Look at me go Mom!
Lookin' good kiddo :)

Every week he seems to get more energy and interest in the world around him. He loves being read to! A good friend, Karen Beinke, brought him a few books in the hospital when he was born. One of the COOLEST books is Animalia by Graeme Base. The pictures are phenomenal! Every day we lay down on the floor together and read the book at name all the creatures and objects we see in the book. He stares and squeals every time! Fun toys are being added to the mix too - the ones he wouldn't even look at in the first few months can catch his interest and keep it. He doesn't reach for them yet but loves to feel new textures in his hands...and mouth! When he isn't flashing that super sweet smile of his you will catch him with a furrowed brow as he stares at all the new things to see. While the world around him now keeps him entertained, it has also added a new minor challenge to overcome with nursing! He wants to sit up and look around while he eats...not so easy - we tried it. (Totally do-able however! I learned tonight that a sling is perfect for mixing the two!)

cruuuuuuuunching his abs - must   sit   up.
Listening to Daddy read Animalia
Squealing at the pictures
"Who is that handsome devil??"

Ryan and I have learned that kids and liquid go hand in hand. There are all sorts of different forms that this liquid comes in, the newest addition to the mix for us is drool. The Doctor said that as he gets older his salivary glands grow. However when they are babies they don't yet know how to swallow all the spit their mouths produce = drool! Hold Dylan for a bit and I promise your shoulder/arms/neck/hair will be covered in it. But we don't mind :) Ryan said it best, "if it's clear, its just fine!" The non opaque substances are a little more interesting to say the least. We learned that if you have a baby sitting in your lap and they poo, it will most likely result in what we like to call "the blowout." *warning for the faint of heart, there is a picture at the bottom of this post of the worst blowout to date!* For those of you that just look at the pictures and don't read what I write, sorry!! Thank goodness we were both home...we just stood there laughing and holding him hanging in the air, not having a clue what the next step should be! We peeled (yes peeled) his onesie off and stuck him in the bathtub. It was epic. We experienced our first public blowout today at Panera, which lead to Mommy's first public restroom changing table encounter. 10 wipes, two napkins, gobs of sanitizer & one nakie baby later we were back to lunch!


We are happy to report that for the most part, Dylan sleeps through the night every evening. We will put him in bed around 10:00 and won't hear a peep until 7:00. While the sleep is fantastic, the added hours in a wet diapey has resulted in some not so fun diaper rash. We turned to our Moms for advice and they both piped up with "let him air out!" So for about a week, while clearing up the worst of his rash, we would spend time here and there throughout the day letting him be diaper free! Waterproof pads came in pretty handy :) Daddy came up with the brilliant idea of setting up a little fan at his changing table to make sure he was super dry when we did need to put on a diaper. We had usually only used Desitin once he had a rash, but now we alternate with regular strength Desitin and Baby Powder. While he had his rash we used highly recommended Boudreaux's Butt Paste but it gave him a rash :( .  Maximum Strength Desitin did the trick and made that little tush good as new!

Airing out that little booty!
Rolling around before bath time

I felt really strapped to one or two places in the house for the first two months. I was either in the nursery or on the couch - ready to feed, surrounded by burp rags and easy to hop up and dance around with Dylan if he got fussy. We are getting the hang of things these days and I am learning how portable babies are :)  I am gradually learning to do things one handed - vaccuum, dust, fold, make lunch, etc. all while either holding him or carrying him in the sling. He is also strong enough now to sit in his bumbo!! His chunky little legs are almost too big for the thing ;p  So he is now my little helper around the house. It is nice to get back to doing a little more! 

What Baby?
Helping Mommy do laundry!
Super proud of himself :)
Back to family time! More updates soon!!