Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meeting Santa

Dylan met Santa.

Happy Half! {18 Months}

You are 18 months old little guy!

A year and a half - WOW! We celebrated with your first ice cream cone in the tub. You thought it was so cool to have your own cone.

You are such a big boy! You weigh 25 pounds and fit into 18-24 and some 2t clothes.
You wear a size 7 shoe.

You have 16 teeth!

You are non stop on the go, and have a ton of personality.

Dancing and music clearly go hand in hand! You have a few signature moves, and I die laughing every time. The three of us love our mini dance parties, and you even break it down when Daddy & I sing.Your favorite song right now is "If You're Happy & You Know It."

The squeals you let out when Daddy gets home are priceless. You are so excited to see him and play. He carries you around all night long, and you love when he takes you in the kitchen to watch me cook dinner. You two are darling together.

Routine is a must with you. If I try and stray from our daily routines you get quite upset! In the morning we go to the kitchen together and you always open the drawer and get on your tip toes to reach for a spoon - no matter what we are eating. We share a bowl of cereal together.

The toilet amazes you, and you love to flush it often. You will grab a handful of tp, lift the lid, throw it in and shut the lid, flush, then lift the lid real quickly to watch it swirl down. We wave goodbye to the toilet paper.

You are still a crazy picky eater.
You live on: Grilled cheese, grapes, apples, rice cakes, dried fruit, & crackers

You have a kitchen utensil obsession. Our utensil drawer is now easily in your long reach, and throughout the day you get spoons, spatulas, and tongs out. They are all over our house, and a staple toy in the bath tub.

Chloe is your bestie. You two chase each other all over the house - her barks and your laughter are deafening and hilarious!

I sit in the backseat with you. We don't think its weird, and we have so much fun! On night car rides you have started reaching for me and trying to tell me something. I finally figured out you want to hold my hand. We hold hands now on every night time car ride - yeah, I love it a LOT.

You pretty much wave goodbye to anything that is going away. I think it is so cute! Wave bye bye to Daddy in the morning and at bed time, bye bye to trash before you put it in the can, bye bye to the last bite of cereal before you eat it.

We are still working on new textures and getting dirty! You have come leaps and bounds from where you were, but still prefer your hands to be clean. You like to have your own napkin when you eat, and wipe your hands often.

You are so good at cleaning up after yourself. Any tiny bit of trash that you see, you run it to the kitchen trash can and throw it away - always clapping for yourself after you do your good deed. If anything spills on the floor, you go get the hand towel hanging from the oven and put it over the mess.

You make gorilla noises when I say the word umbrella. They do sound a little alike!

Any time I kiss you, you wipe it off and scrunch your nose at me. BUT every now and then you will run over to me and plant one on my lips when I least expect it. My favorite is when we are snuggling in the morning and my eyes are shut, and you give me a big smooch to wake me up. Kisses are extra special now that they are so rare.

We love you critter!

Happy 18 months Dylan!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Sickies

'Tis the season of colds, flu, and sicknesses all the same. My family has been sick for nearly a month! I have somehow managed to stay well and keep my sanity. Poor D & Ryan are fed up with feeling crummy, but I am so happy to say they are finally getting well!!

While I was thinking my job was full time before, I was reminded of the 24/7 roll a Mommy plays when her baby is sick. Baby boy has been fighting fever and a terrible cough at night, so I have opted to sleep with him and keep him close. My sweet husband has been so patient and understanding.

 Looking forward to getting into the swing of this wonderful holiday season. Tonight I am thankful for the prayers!