Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun with Friends and Family

Dylan is already a little mover and a shaker! Between the parties he has attended and the guests that have come to visit, he is a little party animal :)
She just can't get enough of him :)

Family friend Sue was in town from Florida
and came to meet Dylan!
Dylan's Welcome home party! G
reat Grandma got him a cake!
Doesn't he look thrilled???! ;p
Chris and April with the little man 
on one of their many visits :)
Dylan and Grandpa on Father's Day
Three Generations of Smiths
Great Aunt Brenda couldn't believe 
what a strong, alert little boy he was already!
Ryan's First Father's Day
The Lindenberg family came for another visit! 
Dave's 1st time to hold a baby other than Aisley :)
Sweet little Aisley discovering Dylan's toys...
she liked the dog toys better!
Aisley as the new Boppy spokesbaby! 
Isn't she cuuuuute?

Dinner date with Sarah!
Cuddling with Cara
Hangin' out with April, BB & Kevin!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Growing Like a Weed!!

Time is flying by! You are ONE MONTH old! I can hardly believe it!!

He is taking his first nap of the day - it is almost 5 o' clock. Dylan is apparently not a fan of sleeping. This whole 'newborns sleep for up to 8 hours total during daylight hours' ...hah! We are trying very hard to figure out why he isn't sleeping! I feed him and we cuddle, then he falls fast asleep on my chest. It is so cozy and sweet, I could hold him for hours! But it seems I've created a habit because the second I put him down, the crying begins.

We had our one month Doctor's appointment on Monday and it went great. We talked to her about his sleeping habits, and she said it is just part of his own personality. She gave us a lot of literature on sleep habits and recommended a "transitional friend" (a cuddly toy or blankie in his crib while he is trying to fall asleep. She said with practice he will be able to reach out and touch it to calm himself instead of searching for our touch.) Right now he keeps a close eye on Ryan and I to make sure we haven't left him. If he falls asleep on our chest or in our arms, he will peek one eye open from time to time to make sure we are still there!

But when he is so cuddly and sweet it is so hard to resist...

We also have been having a problem with acid reflux. The poor kid has been spitting up like crazy and sometimes full on throw up. Ryan and I have both been covered in it a number of times. We laid him down on our bed for a split second the other night to swaddle him, and Dylan projectile vomited straight upward into Ryan's mouth!! Hey, I got pee in my eye and projectile poop up my arm the second day home...Daddy had his coming :)

Anyway, the Doctor said that based on his weight (13 pounds 4 ounces...99th percentile for his age!) that it might be that he is overeating. He seems constantly hungry, so naturally I provide. But apparently they don't always listen to the "I'm full" feeling in their tummies. She said to nurse on one side, burp him and if he persists with rooting for more that we should try a paci. Dr. August said babies just love to suck, it calms them and makes them happy. So we will try it out! She said our big healthy boy looks fantastic and is very strong and alert for his age which we love to hear :) We have his big shots appointment next month...Ryan is going to have to hold my hand for that one :*(

 From 9pounds 13ounces to 12 pounds in just 2 1/2 weeks!

In most recent news, a few fun things have happened over the past few days:
  • Dylan is cooing much more and making cute little noises when he is happy.
Almost every time he falls asleep there is one big happy noise that he lets out. If you happen to look at him when he does it there is usually a silly grin on his face for a split second.
  • He has started smiling at us!!!!
We saw a few smiles over the past few weeks, but now he is smiling back at us!! He likes when Ryan and I stick our tongues out at him or when we blow raspberries on his tummy :) He has the cutest grins! Some are little Elvis smiles where just one side of his mouth curls up in happiness. Others are full gummy smiles that light up his whole face, usually accompanied by waving arms. Nothing makes me happier than to see him so happy!
  • His umbilical cord fell off...err, it came off when it got stuck on my shirt (sorry little man!) But it didn't seem to faze him a bit, and I am happy to see his cute little belly button :)
  • We gave him his first bath - he LOVED it! 

We have a Prince Lionheart washPOD. I wasn't quite sure how it was going to work out. We have had it for quite some time, just waiting for his first bath to try out the weird contraption. Ryan calls it the $20 mop bucket :) I thought it wasn't going to work because he can't yet hold his head up for long periods of time. We were so wrong. He just LOVED it! He was splashing his chubby little arms in the water and he kept trying to dip his mouth into the warm water. It is a little awkward to handle him and wash him, but as far as making him happy - this tub is a winner!

It has been an awesome month - we have already been through so much together! We are having the time of our lives with the little guy and are ecstatic for the fun times ahead!
My posts will be few and far between no doubt, but I will try my hardest to keep the updates coming!
Thank you so much for reading - it makes me so incredibly happy to have you here, joining us in our journey :)

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th

Today is Ryan and my 8 year anniversary! Our first to share with our newborn son! It was a simple day...a perfect way to spend our special time together. I knew I loved Ryan that first night I met him, I knew we were going to have a future together of some sort - I never thought it would be as amazing as this!!

We had a lovely lunch with Mom & Grandma at Mom's house. We spent the afternoon over there doting on Dylan :) Afterward, Ryan and I spent a lazy early evening together while Dylan took a nap. When the little man woke we packed Chloe up in the car and went to Braums for limeades! Rhema was about to start their fireworks show right down the road, so we parked and watched the bright glittery display. Dylan slept through the whole thing, only squirming a bit during the really loud finale. Chloe squished herself between the seat and Ryan's legs...not a fan of the noise! It was a relaxed, loving day; perfect for Dylan's first Independence Day!

 Dylan and his sweet little mow-hawk! Curled up in the middle of Mom's big bed