Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Five Zero

My beautiful Mother turned 50 on Monday! Ryan, Dylan, & I gathered our family together for a sweet surprise party. We shared cake, blew bubbles, folded Origami, popped firecrackers, played with the babies, and celebrated all things Theresa. It was an exciting afternoon, and so great to get the family together on such a pretty Spring day. Love you Mom!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dirty Thirty & a Roadtrip to the Mountains

Ryan, Dylan and I have had such a fun and crazy month! It seems like every week has been jam packed with road-trips and new events. We celebrated our birthdays at the beginning of the month; Ryan's on the 4th and mine on the 7th. A year ago in March 2011, Ryan sent me an email outlining a day trip he wanted to take. At the time, he had just gotten a new camera and wanted to go somewhere scenic to get a few good shots. It sounded like so much fun! Time passed, and continued passing...before we knew it the idea had been put aside and forgotten about.

Fast forward to February. I was brainstorming a fun plan for Ryan's 30th birthday, and a day-date sounded right up his alley. I asked him what his ideal birthday would consist of, and he answered "to spend it with you & Dylan!" So sweet. Well, I half listened to his request. I pulled up his old email and got to planning his big birthday outing! I confided my plans to Ryan's parents, and they agreed to pick Dylan up bright and early Saturday morning. I used my free time during Dylan's naps to create an itinerary book. I was so excited! It was hard not to spill the beans!

Saturday morning rolled around, and Dylan woke us up with his usual "DaDa!?" Ryan brought him to our bed like we do every morning, only this time he came back to a book on his pillow. I snuggled with Dylan has Ryan read through the pages of maps, pictures, menu and directions. He was so excited that I remembered, and that we were actually going to go. "When are we going to do this?" he asked me. I told him his parents would be at our house in an hour! It was time to go before we knew it. We kissed critter goodbye for the day and he waved eagerly, excited to go play.

We hit the road and headed for the hills...