Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To my Husband

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am crazy about you. You are the very best part of my day! Dylan squeals with joy, Chloe runs circles, and my heart leaps with happiness to have our family together. You are my strength and my rock. Nothing can scare me with you by my side to talk me through my worries and fears, and I feel so safe even in times of adversity. Even on my crankiest, frowniest (new word) of days, I am soothed by the simplest touch of your hand in mine. You are the father of my dreams; the kind that every mother prays for in her child's life. I love to step back and watch you with Dylan - no matter if you are carefully learning to discipline him through his tough times, teaching him new and wonderful skills, or my favorite, being insanely silly with him. It is so amazing how helpful and involved you are, and I couldn't thank you enough. The look in Dylan's eyes when he is with you reminds me how heroic you are to him, and there is no one better for the job. Thank you for the hardest of jobs that you do for me. I appreciate so much that you wake up each day with a smile on your face and go to work each day. Thank you for the little things that you so graciously do. Painting, fixing, cleaning, pulling Dylan's wagon on our evening walks, throwing Chloe's toy 12 billion times, sharing the cooking with me (let's face it, you are so much better than I am!), letting me take quiet showers, warming up my freezing feet, getting the mail every day, managing our bills. I notice it all, and I appreciate you so much. I cherish our time as a family of three, and I also love our weekly dates so much. It is so much fun sneaking a moment with you and feeling seventeen again.

Thank you for being such an amazing Daddy, a wonderful husband, and for being insanely smart, crazy sweet, and wildly hilarious YOU.

                                                                                                                                      Love, Mrs. Smith

Thank you Kristen @ We are THAT Family for reminding me to take a moment to tell my Husband how much I love him.

You must take a moment and check out her blog, and the post 100 Ways to Make your Marriage Rock. I am so excited to follow her blog and continue to work on my marriage and faith!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tasty Treat {Chocolate Pretzel Buttons}

We tried a new sweet recipe last week. My intentions were to pass them out at school for Valentine's Day treats, but I kept running into guests and couldn't let them leave without a plate full. Between sharing and Hubs and I sneaking treats, they were gone in a flash. They will definitely be a staple treat to add to my favorite sweets to make.

Recipe rundown:
Taste: Sweet & Salty
Texture: Crunchy & Creamy
Ease: Easy!
Appearance: Fun & Colorful
Expense: $10
Pros: Very easy to make, customizable for holidays with the colors of M&M's, and delicious.
Cons: If you bake them too long the chocolate oozes off the pretzel. Don't overcook!
Would I make this again? Yes, they are a fun party snack & and easy gift.

Square pretzels
Hershey's Hugs
M&Ms (We used peanut butter. Try whichever kind you like best!)

Preheat oven to 200°.  (If your oven runs hot you may want to turn the temp down to 170°.)
Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or foil. 
Place the pretzels on and top them with the hugs.

Be on the lookout for little chocolate thieves :)

Bake for 3-5 minutes until the chocolate is shiny and soft.
Do not overcook or the chocolate will run off the pretzels.
Lightly press an M&M in the center of each hug and press it down to spread the chocolate.

Allow to cool completely (a few minutes in the fridge works perfectly)

Try to eat just one. I dare you!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

{Little Sprout} 20 Months

You are 20 months young!

You weigh 31 pounds and fit into 18-24 and some 2t clothes.
You wear a size 7.5 shoe.

You love to run and dance, but spinning is your favorite silly move. We are teaching you how to jump! After we change your diaper on your changing table we let you jump off into our arms - right now it is just a free fall, but you love it.

You started gasping two weeks ago. It is hilarious! Any little noise that surprises you, or action that shocks you warrants a big *GASP!*

You are still obsessed with airplanes - we have to stop and listen or run outside to see it whenever they fly over us. You think every loud vehicle is an airplane & start signing "airplane! airplane!" when we hear rumbling.

You have a special place in your heart for animals just like I do. You get so giddy when you see animals outside, and you just love to look at pictures of them in books as often as you can.

Milk & Orange juice are your drinks of choice.