Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favorite {Nostalgia}

{i love old photographs.}

I could rummage through old photos for hours and hours...and hours.
I have a sentimental bone that runs deep, and photographs capture that nostalgia that warms my heart.
A few weeks ago we went to Ryan's Mom & Dad's house for a visit. Sherry had been cleaning out the computer room, and with that came piles and piles of old pictures. Weeee! Ryan and I rummaged for hours and I got to hear all sorts of adorable stories about his past. It was fun reminiscing with him and so exciting knowing each day we are making our own stories to tell Dylan later on. I can't wait to sit with him years down the road and rehash the past! Bob & Sherry let us have a handful of pictures of Ryan as a kiddo that I just LOVE. Here are a few of my favorites:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

almost {Wordless Wednesday}

I think somebody is feeling better!
Thank you for all your prayers.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Poor Baby!

Dylan is sick! Late Tuesday he felt warm to the touch and we were surprised to find out he had a temperature. We bathed him as usual and I tried to get him to sleep, but after an hour of putting him in his crib & him waking seconds later, I brought him to sleep with me.

It has been a whirlwind since then, several times his fever has spiked to 104, worrying Ryan & I so much. Sleepless nights, 4am cold baths, and lots of tears has made us all miserable. There is no feeling like seeing your baby upset and not feeling well.

We went to a doctor (ours was not available) on Wednesday and the flu test came back negative. He said dress Dylan cool, and give him Tylenol or Advil every four hours until his fever breaks. He was optimistic that Dylan would feel better by Thursday.

He felt better most of the day Thursday, but early evening his fever came back at 102.7. We have been up most of the night, changing his sweat soaked clothes and trying to keep him hydrated. In a few hours we will make an appointment to see Dr. August.

Please keep Dylan your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it so much!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Favorite {Momventions}

My friend Sarah was in town recently and as we played with Dylan and her niece Lilli, we started coming up with different things that parents need or can't live without. Something I like to call "Momventions." We started our list and just recently my friend and fellow blogger, April, started coming up with a few ideas as well. She brought up that every time she tries to sneak out of her bed while her son, Jackson is sleeping, he wakes up! She said we need to invent something to hoist us out of bed without waking our little ones. She got me wondering what crazy contraptions had been invented to help out parents. I found some doozies that will make you either laugh, cringe, or say "I could really use that!"

Two pillows in the shape of hands to simulate your touch and soothe your child.
You've got to visit the is hilarious.

Can I just say that I think this is awesome.
Don't judge me.
Here's one from Etsy that I was seriously eying for a while.
I didn't buy it because I knew Ryan would think I had lost my marbles.
It is kind of cute, no?

Ready to wear hairstyle hairbands.
"Allows baby girls with little or no hair to have beautifully realistic hair in a snap!"
"Im not a boy!"

A funny play on the previous website!
"Small wigs for small people. "

The breastfeeding device for Dad.
To battle "Breastfeeding Envy."

The perfect womb-like environment for baby to sleep.

A hanging harness that you hook on the top of the bathroom stall or door.
"When the Mom on the go has gotta go."
I think this is pretty brilliant actually!
A onesie with a mop attached.
"Make your children work for their keep."

More of a fashion statement than an invention, soft "high heels" for your baby girl.
I have to admit they are cute in a gross Toddlers in Tiaras kind of way.
"Her first high heel"

A soft saddle that you put on Dad's back for the kids to ride.
"The perfect gift for the Dad that plays horsie with his kiddos."
Secures baby's arms while changing their diaper.
"Takes the aggravation out of changing diapers"

A "water" bottle for your kid to pee into??
For parents that want to protect their toddlers from dirty public restrooms."Simple on the go potty."
You can even have them personalized...

Because kids touch everything including the toilet seat, potty mitts to protect their hands.
"Protects from germs on surfaces."
They make them for picking up doggie doo doo too! (potty paws)

Japan invented this floppy hat to shield baby's eyes from shampoo and water getting in their eyes.

For the baby that can't/won't hold their own bottle...where are the (lazy) parents??
Crazy contraption!

A few old inventions...

The Couples Baby Holder

So you can both enjoy holding the baby!
Invented by Jack Milford, a hockey player, so his baby and wife could join him on the ice.

Wire Baby Cage

Invented in the 1930s for families with no gardens that lived in high buildings. The baby cage attached outside your window so they could enjoy the nice weather and get some sun. Wow...that sounds really safe. Go downstairs??

The Beating Breasts

A Japanese invention from the 1960s.
A soft breast with a built in heartbeat to help the child go to sleep.

Do you have any ideas to add to the list??

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{Wordless Wednesday}

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seven Month Update

Month seven has been the most exciting yet! Dylan changes so rapidly, and just in the past few weeks he has learned so much. His mind is constantly going, looking for new things to play with and new places to explore! With each new talent comes more of his silly, mischievous, adorable personality. Here are a few tidbits of the fun we have had lately!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Art Project

We recently finished an art project in Dylan's nursery! We really wanted to do letters, but we didn't want to go the traditional route. After our longest Hobby Lobby excursion ever, we wandered into the framing section & found some unique patterns we liked. We took a color swatch of our trim paint to Lowes & painted them to match.
We searched high and low to find the perfect letters but all of them were too bulky and heavy. Grandpa Smith is a very handy woodworker & has recently picked back up with his hobby since Dylan has arrived. Bob has been collecting ideas for all sorts of great projects for his new grandson. He made Dylan two puzzles for Christmas! So he had us pick a font that we wanted to use and he whipped them up in no time. It took us about 5 months to get it all up, but it was worth the wait. Ryan & I love the way the project turned out!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Favorite {Etsy Baby}

A few years ago, I discovered and fell head over heels in love with Etsy
It is a platform for artists and crafters of all kinds to share their handmade love.
Here are a few of my favorite Etsy Baby shops and items:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{Wordless Wednesday}