Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 28

I am in my third trimester and I can see the changes in my body daily! My belly is growing growing growing. If people weren't able to tell I was pregnant before, there is no mistaking it now :)
There are no more looks of "is she? hmm..." there are only inquisitive questions of "OH! When is your baby due?" and "What are you having??"
Customers at work talk to me about it on a daily basis which is fun. Everyone seems the most excited with the fact that we aren't finding out what we are having - they love the idea of an amazing surprise (as do we!)

The baby is kicking with all its little might! Every time I get a strong kick I think to myself, "that was the biggest kick I have felt yet!" then my little powerhouse proves me wrong. Some of them are so jolting they make me jump. Ryan and I were napping on the couch yesterday and I was laying behind him and he could feel the big kicks in his back! They only happen when I am laying down or resting, which means almost none of my friends or family have gotten to feel it yet. Anyone that wants to feel it, come over around 11:00 p.m. and crawl in bed with us and we will take turns!! Whatta ya say?

The leg cramps that created sleepless nights of my first trimester are back...and so are the constant potty breaks. I fly out of bed several times a week to stretch my aching calves by walking around the bedroom. Ryan usually murmurs something sweet like "awww you poor baby" before he starts snoring again. I have started checking my clock out of curiosity and it always seems to be at 3:00am!? Better get used to this not sleeping thing!

I had an excriciating pain in my lower abdomen above my hip for four days last week. One night was so bad we had to make a late night CVS run for a heating pad in hopes it would help with the pain. On Wednesday I went to my Chiropractor and he explained the nerve paths that start in my lower spine and spider down my hips. As pregnancy progresses your hips start to "disconnect" to make room. When that happens it can sometimes put pressure on your nerves that create a prickly constant pain. He adjusted my back and voi la! It took the pressure off my nerve and made me feel so much better!!

The ride is definitely getting more interesting and I look forward for the weeks to come to see what happens next!!

Week 27 - Lindenberg Wedding!

On March 13th Dave and Kylie became Mr. & Mrs. Lindenberg! The wedding was beautiful and we all had so much fun. Ryan was an Usher in the wedding along with Nate. We met at Arrow Springs Chapel on Friday the 12th and the wedding party practiced for their big day. We then met at Dave's parent's house for an amazing dinner! Their house looked simply beautiful with orchids and candles everywhere. The dinner was scrumptious and we all toasted to a marriage full of happiness and love. It was fun to get dressed up with everyone twice in one weekend!

Ryan left around 3 on Saturday to get ready with the boys. Cara picked me up at 4:30. I was in a "getting ready stresses me out" mood and she fixed that quickly :) We picked up Sirikit and made our way to the chapel. Ryan escorted Cara and I to our seats and we watched as the Bridal Party arrived then Miss Aisley was pulled in her chariot (Radio Flyer) down the aisle by her Grandpa. She was darling, smiling at everyone on her way down! The beautiful bride was next! She looked stunning. Their vows and the prayers said before and after were darling and full of love...Kylie broke into tears and all the girls on my row were choking back the tears. It was just perfect.

The reception was at The Glass Veranda at Forest Ridge (if you get a chance to look at the brochure, the main photo is a big picture of Scott & Devan...famous?!) It was beautifully decorated with deep reds and black and white. Their first dance and family dances were so sweet. Dave danced with little AisleyBug in her handmade puffy white dress - it was darling! We all had a blast dancing the night away - much to my delight the Chicken Dance and Cha Cha Slide were included :)
We bid farewell to the newlyweds with a tunnel of glowing sparklers! We are so happy for you Mr. & Mrs. Lindenberg!

P.S. Sorry there aren't more wedding pictures! I am sad to report that my camera batteries died after five photos! Here's a few from our after party photo shoot :)

Week 26

There was a double rainbow the weekend of our Birthdays! One pot of gold for the each of us!

Cara & I <3
26 Weeks!

Caught you red paw-ed little know you aren't allowed in that chair!

Monday, March 8, 2010

25th Birthday {Third Trimester}

Yesterday was my 25th Birthday - Even more crazy to me it was also the first day of my Third Trimester. I can not believe it has gone by so fast! We are in the home stretch now...our sweet addition to the family will be in our arms before we know it!
Ryan and I had such a fun weekend! His Birthday was on the 4th, he turned 28 this year :)
We stayed in for dinner and homemade strawberry shortcake and enjoyed our evening together.

Friday I got to work to find my station had been ransacked/decorated! My Mom sent me the most beautiful bouquet from Toni's, Neda got me a gorgeous scarf & bracelets & Mary surprised me with cupcakes from Merritts for the party! Her & Joenna also got the baby two onesies from Lazy Days! Everyone at work was SO sweet - thanks for the card too!

That evening we met Jared & Marla at the Brady to see the talented miss Norah Jones! She is absolutely cute as a button. Tulsa was her first show to kick off her tour. She was spunky & funny and chatted back and forth to the crowd. Her opener was a unique folksy duo from Denton, Texas - Sarah Jaffe & Robert Gomez. It was a great intimate show with great company!

Saturday Ryan and I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and cleaned like the dickens!! We scrubbed, vacuumed & dusted almost every inch of our house in preparation for our Birthday Party. My Grandma popped in for a surprise visit to bring us homemade cookies (yummm!) She saw the Nursery for the first time and just went crazy over it :) Our friends started showing up around 7 and stayed into the wee hours of the night. It was so much fun to have everyone together again - we have been pretty out of the loop since we found out I was pregnant. It was so heartwarming that every single one of them showed up!! We even had two adorable babies come to play! Kylie & Dave (almost Newlyweds!) brought their daughter Aisley, & Jessi & Tommy brought their son Collin.

Aisley just learned to crawl & even stand up with the help of any solid structure she can find, so she was scooting all over the house. Chloe was fit to make sure she was herded properly. She nosed Aisley in the face a few times & Aisley decided to stick out her tounge and lick her back :) Collin was introduced to us for the first time and he is just the sweetest little boy! He got sleepy later in the night and Jessi got him to sleep in the nursery - she put him down in the crib and he looked so precious! Such an honor!! We got some of the COOLEST presents! April&Chris got a sonogram frame from Bonnie Marcus for the nursery that is too precious! Jessi&Tommy got us the cutest owl nightlight from Pottery Barn Kids that fits our theme perfectly! Sirikit, Beth & Nate got us a cute birdie bag stuffed full of treats like onesies, a bottle, & rattle & more! We got some pretty neat/sweet birthday cards too :)
It was so great to catch up with everyone and get my round of hugs in.

Sunday was the most amazing lazy Birthday that I can remember. We didn't do much of anything and it was simply glorious! Ryan woke me mid morning with a back/foot rub, then the three 1/2 of us went and got breakfast. The weather was perfect. We came back and opened all the windows and curled up on the couch together and talked for hours. Ryan and Chloe fell asleep in my lap so I dozed off for a bit too! We got up and took Chloe for a walk - she was soooooooooo happy for her first Spring time walk. I had a sweet chat with my Momma then watched the funny E Cards Sherry sent me. Then we took a quick trip to the grocery for Birthday Dinner fixins! Ryan made me a delicious filet mignon with garlic red skin potatoes & a bubbly pomegranate spritzer. We ate & had fresh pineapple over a movie then cleaned up & turned ourselves in for the evening. It was the most perfect day!