Friday, September 30, 2011


This week Dylan has learned to:
  • Turn on the dishwasher...over and over and over again
  • Take off his diaper and throw it in the trash can
  • Open our "secret drawer" to get the Tot Lock key and unlock the knife drawer
  • Crawl onto the computer chair to reach the Sharpies 
  • Doodle on his arms and face with said Sharpies
  • Push his chair over to what he can't reach & use it as a stepping stool

I have two things to say.


Happy weekend everyone!

Throwback Day

Grandma Smith brought over a bag full of Ryan's clothes from when he was a kiddo in the 80's! Dylan sprouted before I could fit him into most of them, but we have been having fun trying on Daddy's clothes.
Who says boys can't play dress up??

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Crafty {Art Hoops}

There was a blank little spot in the corner above Dylan's rocking chair that was just begging for a little love. Over a few months I saved up a few favorite frames and collected bits of art that I thought would go perfect in his room.

From left clockwise:
Embroidery Hoop Art (Tutorial after the jump) with a card from when he was first born. Clip with orange ribbon & elephant cut out that I made for Dylan's first birthday.

My Mom gave me this handmade art of my small handprints when I was just a year and a half old - I put it on top of a piece of linen for texture.

Simple & sweet tree family - three to represent us. I found this cutie on Etsy//FreshOrigins

Smaller Embroidery Hoop Art to showcase Dylan's 20 week ultrasound.

Little yellow frame was the very first touch of color in the room when I was pregnant with baby boy. The adorable owl cross stitch  was handmade by Ryan when he was a youngster! His Mom found this little treasure and knew I would be elated to have it.

I found the orange glass frame at Target and the owl family on Etsy//FreshOrigins

The last frame was a thrift store steal that I painted white to hold the sweet hand stamped letterpress poem by A.A. Milne the creator of Winnie the Pooh. I got it for Dylan's first birthday present on Etsy//RawArtLetterpress

I love the way the rocking nook turned out! The orange and yellow gave it the perfect pick me up of color, and the nostalgia makes me smile every time I look at it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Bucket List

There are SO many things I can't wait to do this Autumn season!!

Source: via Toni on Pinterest

Friday, September 23, 2011


Time seems to be whizzing by, and every time we blink you get a little bit bigger!
You are becoming much less a baby and much more a toddler each day...although I refuse to quit calling you my baby! The older you get, the more you impress us with your sponge soaking abilities - mimicking every thing we teach you, and even the things we don't. You are such a silly, happy little boy, and you are forming a very distinct little personality.

At {fifteen} months:

You are obsessed with things that fly; butterflies, birds, dragonflies, but your favorite thing is airplanes!
When you hear an airplane overhead you stop whatever you are doing, point in the air, and watch it until you can't see it anymore. Then we wave bye bye to the people on the plane.

You like to brush your little white chompers.

You are so good at climbing on anything and everything. You've figured out how to turn furniture over and either sit on it or use it to climb onto something bigger!

You grin as I sing lullabies to you at night, but when you are ready to go to sleep you'll put your hand over my mouth to tell me to hush - it makes me laugh every time.

You are holding strong with "Ma" & "Da" for now, no matter how hard we try to get you to talk. While those are the only two English words you say to us, you have a giant vocabulary of "Pickle-ese" and I love to hear you chatter away. At your checkup, Doctor August thought it was adorable how you hummed and sang while we talked.

Your vocabulary of words you know is huge, and it often surprises us! We think it is so fun how you can point out almost all of your body parts. You love to show us all the things we ask you to point out. A few of your favorites are:


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{Fall} Roundup

There is a slight crispness in the air - a faint whisper that fall is almost here! We are drawn out of the house, looking for any reason to go outside and enjoy the new cool weather. Last week Dylan went on four wagon rides in one day! We just can't get enough. The neighborhood is colorful with hearty mums, and I took a que and planted firey reds in my now thriving back garden. I can't wait to see them bloom. I have also started to decorate the house for the season bit by bit. I found an adorable set of hand carved wooden apples at the thrift store, and from there my mantle decor began! My next projects are to make a yarn leaf bunting and a wreath for the door. I will be sure to share pictures when I am done! Until I can share my own, here are a few beauties from where I have drawn my inspiration.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Radio Flyer Puppy Rides

 Dylan loves Chloe. Chloe pretends she can't stand Dylan.
But {not so} secretly, it is obvious they are the best of friends <3

Get Crafty {Tie Onesie}

Here is my little stud-muffin wearing his new tie onesie.
{tutorial after the jump}

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Dear Pickle,
Daddy and I take SO many pictures of you. I can't imagine how many thousand we have already snapped - you are just too cute. Just a few weeks ago I pulled out the camera and said "smile!!" and you put down your spoon, swallowed your food, and leaned forward and grinned! Now when we get the camera out and you know we are taking your picture, you cheese so big. Such a little ham :)

I gotta tell you kiddo, that smile melts me every time. xoxo
Love, Mommy

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dylan & Lilli {14 & 19}

Earlier this month Auntie Sarah came to town. I was graced with her beautiful face several times throughout the week she was here, and we enjoyed spending time with each other. It has been almost 8 months since Dylan had seen her last but he took to her immediately as if he remembered all the fun we have had in the early months. On her first visit, I was right out of recovery from my first hospital stay and she came to spend the day with me and help with Dylan. I couldn't play much, so she and Dylan ran and rolled and laughed together for hours!