Thursday, October 28, 2010


Dylan's Baptism was so wonderful! We woke up bright and early and played and cuddled. Daddy & D were giggling on the bed while I got ready. Dylan started rubbing his eyes like he was still sleepy so Ryan gave him a paci and he shut his eyes and went to sleep. It was the first time (other than in his carseat) that he ever went to sleep without us holding or feeding him!Once Ryan and I were ready, we carried sleepyhead to his nursery to put on his Baptism outfit. He barely opened his eyes as we changed his clothes!

We arrived at Trinity to see the smiles of our families - so many loved ones came to be a part of Dylan's special day. As the service started, they took their places in the reserved pews up front. Dylan, Ryan, Grandma & Grandpa, Great Grandma, Oma, Jennifer, Eddie, Avery & I got to walk in with the procession. I have walked through that church a hundred times, but walking down the center aisle with all the congregation smiling at us had me holding back tears of joy - I was reminded of our amazing wedding day and overjoyed that we were making yet another beautiful memory at our beloved Church.

As his Baptism & our cue to go up front grew close, Dylan starting squirming and fussing a bit. Ryan, Dylan, myself & his sponsors were called to the front. He let out a big cry & I started to panic a wee bit! I look over in the front pew and Cara held up her hand and mouted "paci?" to which I nodded vigorously! She came to the rescue and he was happy again. I told her later that I thought it was cute that she was there at our wedding as my Maid of Honor, fluffing my dress & at Dylan's Baptism on paci patrol :)
We as a family with the congregation recited our promise to protect and nurture his faith as a church and family. Kristina took him and poured the water over his forehead and he didn't make a peep! She anointed him with a cross of oil on his forehead then carried him through the church for all to see! He gobbled up the attention, she said he was kicking his little legs with glee!

It was such a beautiful service and I was so ecstatic to have our wonderful family there to celebrate!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

Ryan and I were so excited for the Trinity Pumpkin patch! All the church's young families were going to meet on the 23rd at Pleasant Valley.
We woke up to find ominous rain clouds filling the sky :( We begrudgingly decided not to go.
Sherry knew we were disappointed and decided to plan a pumpkin day! Dylan and I packed up & met up with Sherry, Brenda, her grand-baby Ellie, Stacy & her two babies, Sydney & Landon.
Ryan even came by from work to see the family & take a few pictures with Pickle & I!
Ellie & Sydney ran all over the patch together playing on the toys & looking @ pumpkins. The little boys hung out together. We propped Dylan & Landon up on a bench and they sat together like sweet little friends :)
It was a perfect sunny afternoon get together! I loved watching the kids play...they are going to have a blast together as they get older.

I look forward to our visit to Pumpkin Town next year!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

April Showers Bring November Babies :)

April had her Baby Shower(s) this past weekend! I can't believe the time is coming so near. Little one will be making a big debut soon.
Cara came over before the shower and helped me get ready with Dylan - she was such a huge help! He loves his Cara so much :)
The party was just beautiful, and full of fun and laughter. April got some wonderful gifts and was showered with love from all the ladies who care so much for her.

Starting to open all her fun gifts!
Smiles from Mommy to be
Collin standing up like a big boy!
Cara cuddling with Pickle
Surprise gift from Uncle Michael
Adorable soft sleep sack from Cara
My snuggle bunny doing what he does best at parties ;)
Another present that is Dylan tested & Mommy approved!
Boomer! Future little Sooner fan
Bright diaper cake that I decorated with love :)
A sweet gift from her Momma
D squared!
Susan pinching his squishy little cheeks!
Dylan was going to model the Bumbo...much to our surprise his lil' chunky legs wouldn't fit!
Dylan, April & I
Squealing, no doubt! My little pterodactyl ;P
The fingerprint tree I made for Momma Bright
Fingerprints of all those who came to celebrate Baby Bright

Cara, April, Dylan & I
Mountains of awesome gifts!
The Brights got Dylan the sweetest Baptism book!!
We had a wonderful time celebrating April's impending Motherhood & her last visit to Tulsa before she has Baby Bright!! I kissed that adorable belly next kiss will be on the cheek of a sweet little baby. I can't wait!