Monday, September 24, 2012

Poked & Prodded

I am sitting in the Regional Medical Lab waiting room this morning. I will be here for three hours, and I am not allowed to leave the room. Other than a long movie, this is the longest I have sat quiet and still in years!

Before I made the switch to my lovely midwife, my previous Doctor's office ran the usual battery of blood and pee tests that are taken at the beginning of pregnancy. I got a call letting me know my urine tests came back with a high number of sugar. They recommended I take the three hour glucose test, but I opted to wait.

My kind Father-in-Law is a diabetic, and he gave Ryan and I a finger prick monitor and test strips. Reluctantly I started testing every few days. My numbers were perfect! Still, my midwife wanted me to go to the lab to be sure. She didn't think the three hour test was necessary just yet. Ryan, Dylan and I headed to the lab and I drank the (so far from) yummy lemon lime 50 gram glucose drink. We ran errands for an hour then my blood was drawn an hour later. Days later I got the phone call letting me know I failed. Harrumph!

The nurse told me a three hour test was in order after all. She said I would fast the same, I would just have to stay longer. Wrong! Sherry came to watch Dylan one afternoon, and I headed to the lab with my yarn and crochet needles in hand, starving after a three hour fast. The lab surprisingly let me know that a 10 hour fast as well as a morning test was necessary. So here I am again. I had a delicious bowl of strawberries before bed as my last pre-fast meal. Dylan gave me a huge hug and kiss goodbye, happy that Daddy was home to play for the morning - what a treat!

I had my fasting blood drawn, then downed the 10 oz, 100 gram orange nastiness. One hour has passed, and I've had my first hour blood drawn. Two more to go! I am shaky and lightheaded, but holding it down. My fingers are so very crossed that I do not have Gestational Diabetes. But I will stay positive if I am! My cousin had GD during her pregnancy, and she said it was such a blessing in disguise. It's a swift kick in the pants, urging you to eat healthier and exercise more. Aside from the constant finger pricks, that doesn't sound half bad.
Looking forward to finding out my results!


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